Publication on Poethead

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very busy writing and organising collections. I am however, delighted to share an exciting piece of news; five of my poems have been published on Poethead (by Chris Murray).

You can read them here:

Many of the poems are from my older stuff; with some of them having been written years ago. It’s interesting (and a little cringe-inducing) to read back over things that were written more than half a decade ago. Memories and emotions come flooding back. While life might go on and circumstances change, it’s funny how the written word (as much as a smell, or a visual trigger) can take you back to a certain time and place.

In any event, I hope you like them. If anyone is reading and would like to share a comment, please do. I promise I will try and share some of my newer material here soon.



I wanted things you could never give me
royal you
Cruel World

Dinners at tables
Siblings, smiling,
Family movies,
and tuck-ins at ten.

Every desire not met
Like a battery draining
My light is dimming
i want too hard

Trying to communicate
But coming out foreign
If you could see through
my glass,
You’d know what I need

The quiet caresses
and duvets don’t fill me
Four walls of your heart
blood pumping in vain

Left hungry
Left searching
Up and Night Sky is winking

If I was taller and stronger
I’d reach out
and tear at the stars

Pull a hole in the galaxy

Show me what’s coming.
I know there is more.