Publication on Poethead

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been very busy writing and organising collections. I am however, delighted to share an exciting piece of news; five of my poems have been published on Poethead (by Chris Murray).

You can read them here:

Many of the poems are from my older stuff; with some of them having been written years ago. It’s interesting (and a little cringe-inducing) to read back over things that were written more than half a decade ago. Memories and emotions come flooding back. While life might go on and circumstances change, it’s funny how the written word (as much as a smell, or a visual trigger) can take you back to a certain time and place.

In any event, I hope you like them. If anyone is reading and would like to share a comment, please do. I promise I will try and share some of my newer material here soon.



I wanted things you could never give me
royal you
Cruel World

Dinners at tables
Siblings, smiling,
Family movies,
and tuck-ins at ten.

Every desire not met
Like a battery draining
My light is dimming
i want too hard

Trying to communicate
But coming out foreign
If you could see through
my glass,
You’d know what I need

The quiet caresses
and duvets don’t fill me
Four walls of your heart
blood pumping in vain

Left hungry
Left searching
Up and Night Sky is winking

If I was taller and stronger
I’d reach out
and tear at the stars

Pull a hole in the galaxy

Show me what’s coming.
I know there is more.

Howth in Spring

Let’s go out among the heather 
Leave the Spanish students behind
We’ve nowhere else to be right now
I’m switching off my mind.

Footstep after footstep
Harbour suburb melts away
Rounding a high clifftop corner
Lapis sea displayed

I’m following your footsteps on this path
Like I’ve done since ‘91
You’re my leader and my measure
Behind you I’m no one

We descend through moss green thicket
To find the rocky shore

Stripped of all our clothing
We’re human. Nothing more


My love for you is still.
Ever present;
if tame.

Like a pond.

Not uncomplicated

Beneath the surface there are tangles and stirrings.
It can get murky
Sometimes I'm not sure I see you

But you're not a sea.
I'm not bowled over or rendered powerless by your tidal moods.

You're not a river.
You don't cut corners or sneak.

You're deep enough to house me
Calm enough to soothe me

let me step into you.
Wash me clean