FourXFour – Issue 29

Very excited that a recent poem of mine entitled Raw has been published in Issue 29 of FourXFour, a Poetry NI journal.

I wrote Raw late at night a few months back. It’s about the processing of emotion and the problems connected with our experience of, and ability to display emotion. The internal conflict. The want to show how you feel versus the need to maintain control.

I hope you enjoy it.

I have had three poems published in Issue 4 of Automatic Pilot.

The Issue can be read online here:

And hard copies are available for purchase here:

These three particular poems are ones that are very close to my heart; Cerebral Sorbet; Cycling to Howth in Autumn; and Howth in Spring.

All three poems focus on the calm I feel in nature and its unique ability to facilitate connection, both with our inner self and with those we love.